Current Foundations in rotation

I am a hoarder for beauty items ( looks like my daughter too , only two years old  but asking me for multiple pieces of carrots and keeping it in her plate and not touching them and tells me its pretty) and foundation is one of them. I thought I will give you a brief on the foundations I use . let me know if anyone wants to see an in-depth review.

Skin type : dry, dehydrated and oily t zone

mac lipsticks20170917_103315

Powder foundations

Mac Mineralise skin finish natural : shade – Medium Tan . One of my all time favourite, love the finish, light to medium coverage , normally use it as a setting powder or on extremely good skin days just wear this alone for a nice subtle glow. Staying not so great, will have to touch up every 4 to 5 hours and I’m ok with it. Does not cake so much. I can layer so much especially on my t zone , however I will have to be bit careful on dry side of my skin.

Mac studio fix powder foundation: shade – c6 , nc41. Was a favourite of mine when I had super oily skin also still use it when in in hot humid places. Super matte,  good as a setting powder also good to wear alone on not dry skin. Currently not using. Staple for summers and holidays

Chanel Les Beiges Healthy Glow Sheer Powder SPF 15 :shade-No. 30. I don’t know the deal with this. But I don’t often reach for it. I try to use it as a touch up but I don’t see any glow. It does settle on my pores which is a big deal even on top of primers. Not buying again.

Tarte Clay Full Coverage Airbrush Foundation :shade – medium tan sand. Definitely a glowy powder foundation. Will look amazing on dry skin and oily skin. However I believe you need to use good skincare before applying this. Full coverage can cling to dry patches if you don’t use moisturiser.

mac lipsticks20170917_103603

Liquid foundations

Estee Lauder Perfectionist : shade- Honey bronze . Its medium to full coverage and it has got a slight glow, definitely need to set it with powder on t zone. Ideal for daily wear also doesn’t enhance my pores or dry patches. But quite expensive, buy it only if you can afford . Does contain spf so can flash back. I don’t mind foundation not having spf as I wear sunscreen under the foundation anyway on a daily basis.

YSL fusion ink foundation: shade -bd50. This is my go to foundations for any close up or events or party. Very realistic finish, sets demi  matte , and will not move whole day. I only powder t zone if I’m on hot weather. It has got more skin like finish and that’s what it makes my favourite. Its thin liquid and medium to full coverage. Make sure to exfoliate  moisturise before as when you massage it in it can cling to dry patch. No spf hence ideal for wedding , night outs and any events which include flash photography. Definite repurchase.

Too faced born this way : shade – warm beige : This one is a favourite among bloggers and I bought it as a part of influence from fellow bloggers. Good coverage and this does contain hyaluronic acid and coconut water but this settle into my pores like anything and also to dry patches around my nose. I this this is more for normal skin type as this looks amazing on my normal to oily side. Don’t need to set, but meh . Will not repurchase

Mac studio water weight foundation : shade nc 42, nc 45:  one of my all time favourite. Very similar to YSL fusion ink but with spf. I think the finish is similar to YSL and easy on pocket , if you can find the right shade. I use nc 45 to contour and nc 42 all over , It’s a tiny bit dark but when I highlight using concealer that is no longer an issue. Definite repurchase though I wish I had better colour match.

Estee lauder double wear light : shade 3.5:  I use to have double wear but I found it too heavy and shop assistant gave me a sample when I went to pick up my perfectionist foundation guess what im hooked. Loved it so much that I bought it as soon as the sample was finished. Lightweight on skin but you can definitely feel it on skin, stays long , I  set it with powder if im in hot weather plus its more like a demi matte finish on me and as day goes by it mix with oils and gives a nice glowy finish. Definite repurchase

Maybeline fit me luminous and smooth : shade – 315 don’t like it at all.makes me looks like grease ball and settle in my fine lines and pores. Good match for NC41 skin tone but don’t like  it at all. Will not bother again

Bobbi Brown Intensive skin serum foundation : shade 4.5 warm natural. Another expensive foundation which I bought due to hype and I dint like it at all. Settled in my pores and fine lines , only good is the spf. Will not repurchase

Mac Face and body : shade N5. Event and special days foundation. For some reason N5 looks more good on me that C6. Very water consistency, have to rub it in or use a buffing brush but forms a film and IT DOES NOT MOVE . I also use it on my hands and body incase I want to look evened out . Needs to set it with powder for sure. Light to medium coverage, buildable . no spf and hence no flash back. Definite repurchase


I can’t guarantee that all of the makeup and skincare products I recommend will suit you. I only use products I personally think are good having tried them on myself but everyone’s skin is different and it’s possible to be allergic to anything. Wherever possible, test products out on yourself before purchasing.
I only feature products I like, or want to try. The products I use are either purchased by me or sent to me by make-up/skincare companies to use for review purposes mainly. I do not accept payment and am not sponsored to make any of recommendations however often asked to review whether its positive to negative. Some of the links on the blog posts on my site are affiliated however and as stated before, I only feature products I like, or want to try.
Most of my recommendations are on products that are easily available from UK or UAE or Cultbeauty   online store). For Korean and Japanese skincare I have few trusted sellers from ebay and Amazon

HudaBeauty 3D Highlighter Palette

FeaturedHudaBeauty 3D Highlighter Palette

Hello everyone,

When I saw Hudabeauty highlighter palette in Sephora while roaming around in Dubai Mall I had no intention to buy anything at all. We all know we all have enough make to use till we die and somehow we still end up buying more . I had to get it as I was stocking the Youtube for the most of the time and I constantly got suggestions after I saw Wayne goss the makeup artist talking about it here and knew I had to get though I could only use the tiniest amount of highlighterr as I’m living in dubai where weather is current 40 degrees and I live on oil blotting paper on hourly basis still highlighters are now on trends everywhere on social media and if you are a makeup junkie like me you know what was going through my mind.

Huda beauty 3d highlighter palette golden sand
Huda beauty 3d highlighter palette golden sands

Lets talk about the palette I was so surprised with texture. The first one is Fiji is a cream and on normal days I think thats all need. Very creamy and I don’t own anything like that, very subtle. The next is more like to set Fiji which will give you oomph and it’s called seychelles which by itself is not too blinding but with fiji on top get ready for some blinding. Then comes Tahiti is more of a bronzy colour which huda used it as bronzer but on more tan days I can get away with high lighting. The last one is Zanzibar which I was pretty sure will not show up on me but it works pretty well as a blush topper. and they all works really well together and I can see why she called a 3d highlighter.

Left to Right: Fiji,Seychelles,Tahiti,Zanzibar

I initially thought that they all were cream texture and was so confused when i tried first but they are definitely powders and no fall outs what’s so ever. No other highlighter I own perform this way. they stayed almost 8 hours which is a huge thing for me especially the weather here in Dubai is now super hot and I’m very oily these days. i did use Smashbox pore minimizing primer. i think it will stay well in normal to dry skin even without a primer

There is an instruction how to use it

I paid 210 DHS at sephora and i think it’s definitely worth the money as i can see myself using all the four shades most of the times. I often use real techniques setting brush, I saw huda also using the same brush. One thing i loved about huda was it was not that difficult to get hands on as you could easily order through her website and she partnered with dhl which means delivery was very prompt and safe and even in sephora there was enough stock even though i got the last golden sands in stock but that was on the second day evening after the launch . being a mum i can never ever go and be in a long queue or be wake at random time to buy products when products get launched. in her case i was able to order (I didn’t complete the order because I wanted to see before buying )during day time her website was absolutely fine and even in shop I could get for myself even though Sephora was crowded.

March April Empties

Hello everyone,
Hope you all doing well. Day by day it’s getting hotter in Dubai and I am seeing 41 degrees for the first time. This not summer anymore, this is grill. Anyway, I thought I will talk about my empties today which I was collecting for a while and I look like a hoarder even though I constantly get asked why you buying things before finishing things by my husband (he haven’t seen my stock up cupboard hihi) Moving on, I will use up products unless it gives an allergy or reaction on my face. My body is not as sensitive as face so mostly I will be able to save it.


Body shop Vitamin E toner

vit e
I bought it to replace my serum and moisturiser when I was travelling to India as it’s quite humid and hot and I don’t want to put anything heavy on my face but I want some hydration and I like hyaluronic acid (fav ingredient) and it does also contain vitamin E which will prevent premature aging as it’s an anti-oxidant. Does this one helped with all those things? I am not sure but definitely a simple nice layer of hydration and its on thicker side. If I have time and mostly at night I poured some to my hands and patted to my skin and in the morning after cleaning I used muji multi-layer cotton pads and used it’s as a mask while I brush my teeth and sort my hair and I never let it dry completely as the pads will start to draw the moisture from your skin back. This does contain castor oil and that’s a potential irritant to acne prone and sensitive skin.

Will I repurchase it? only I don’t have any other choice or else I like to try other toners out there. But for the price point and for normal skin this toner will add definitely a good layer of hydration.
Hada Labo Arbutin (Vitamin C lotion)

mac  lipsticks (1).png
One of my favourite Japanese brand and even though this is my second bottle I think it’s a pass for me. This is more stabilised form of Vitamin c and it doesn’t oxidise that quickly and took me nearly 3 moths to finish and I used with even with my Ubtan to finish it its huge 160 ml and priced around £10 which is not bad. However, it didn’t do much when it comes to hydration and I sometimes used it as a makeup setting spray which worked well. Once I finished with my based poured the toner to a spray bottler and spray bottle and sprayed all over my face. I waited till it gets bit tacky and then blended everything with beauty blender or a sponge. Worked like a dream. But for what it marketed as (brightening lotion) it did nothing.

Will I repurchase it? No
Mac Cosmetics See sheer lipsticks and Relentlessly red

mac lipsticks
I used them to death and also, they expired! See Sheer is a nice peachy orangey coral (that’s not even a word (shade on my NC 42 skin and its bomb colour for me any day. Don’t need a mirror to apply but doesn’t stay any longer than one hour on me as no lip stick will last on me that long especially if its lustre finish.
Relentlessly Red is a red with hot pink under tone and its retro matte. If I wear the shade I don’t have to worry about touch up but no lipsticks for the next one week and only lip balm for that one week. So, unless it’s a wedding, one day event, I normally will not use matte lipstick. I am old enough to think I can wear any shades in creamy, satin, lustre, shine, gloss finish unless it’s a red. For me red is always matte. I like it matte

Will is repurchase it? Yes and No. Other colours and any other finish other than anything remotely matte I’m in.

Matchmaster cushion foundation

I love the texture and the colour and  loved the fact that it’s easy to travel  but dried so fast and finished in literally one month . And I’m not even the touch up type though that’s what I was thinking when I bought. Blurs out wrinkles and smooth out my pores and skin looks glowy but for the money unless I am getting married again (I have to hate my husband first, divorce him and find a new one and then marry him – that might take years) so in reality I am going to try to find something similar in performance but better value for money.

Will I repurchase? May be in future

Nip and Fab Extreme Glycolic fix Pads

nip and fab
This is a glycolic acid based toning pads which I use on a daily basis to control dead cells , hyperpigmentation, and also bit of skin resurfacing. This also contain salicylic acid which helps to cut through oil and dig out the gunk and glycolic acid to do acid tone. Don’t get panicked by the word 5% . its not extreme unless you have sensitive skin or never used acids before. Good way to start using acids. I use both morning and evening and definitely sunscreen and if you are out and about I would say reapply every two hours the sunscreen as skin can get sensitive to sun. also the whole point of acid toning is to prevent hyperpigmentation and to control or manage your scars but if you go out in the sun without sunscreen there is no point in doing any acids for that matter

Will I repurchase it? Yes. Good value for money (often on offers) easily available in UK and UAE

Garnier Micellar Water


I bought this for the ease of use and this is my probably 3rd or 4th bottle . This does not get my waterproof mascara off no matter how hard I try . I was recently reading  more about the ingredients and I came to know this contain anti freeze which is normally used in cars cooling system. No I don’t want to put that on my face.  Even though they might be obviously as per stands of EU standards I am still not sure i want that kind of thing on my face anymore. So this is nothing more to discuss.

Will i repurchase it ? No.

mac lipsticks20170523_113902


I can’t guarantee that all of the makeup and skincare products I recommend will suit you. I only use products I personally think are good having tried them on myself but everyone’s skin is different and it’s possible to be allergic to anything. Wherever possible, test products out on yourself before purchasing.
I only feature products I like, or want to try. The products I use are either purchased by me or sent to me by make-up/skincare companies to use for review purposes mainly. I do not accept payment and am not sponsored to make any of recommendations however often asked to review whether its positive to negative. Some of the links on the blog posts on my site are affiliated however and as stated before, I only feature products I like, or want to try.
Most of my recommendations are on products that are easily available from UK or UAE or Cultbeauty ( online store). For Korean and Japanese skincare I have few trusted sellers from ebay and Amazon

Clarins Exfoliating Toner

Hi there

I have been using Clarins exfoliating toner almost two months now and i can now give an honest opinion on it. I was not so big on toners until i stumbled upon Pixiwoos talk with Caroline Hirons and then came across the toners on  a different level. She happened to mention how she uses toner and what so called alcohol free versions vs acid toner does. and ever since i never missed a post from her on skincare and also started using toners not as many of us thing but in a different way. Out of few I used Clarins is definitely one among the best and mildest , at least for my Indian skin which is not so sensitive.

The product can be used three or four times once a day (definitely not twice a day material) . I use the night before any special day . Once cleansed I take it on a cotton wool slap it on my face, wait for a minute and continue with serum and moisturizerClarins Exfoliating Toner.

I have seen a massive difference in break outs and skin peeling. Even though I am combination to oily skin this toner had made a good difference in spots and blemishes. I am not someone who will repurchase things unless I’m 100% sure or i would rather like to say I like to experiment even if I’m in love with any product. Not so committed to any product for a long term basis.  the spots and blemishes are under control now and i believe that this toner has its role in my skin care.

Will I repurchase it?? That depends on whether I see any other acid toners in market. I have first aid beauty and peter thomas roth exfoliating pads in my list.

A word of warning- Do not forget to use a good SPF or  make sure you are not going out during day time as when you use a good spf you end up looking ghost like in pictures with flash photography.

Bobbi Brown Sheer lipstick Review

Hello everyone,

Being a beauty junkie means you end up buying things more often than you actually you think. I end up in department store regardless of any difficulties I have. When I say difficulties think  a pregnant women with slipped disc and scoliosis and also throw up in-spite of being 36 weeks. Ahh Look at my dedication.I wish learnt in school like this i would have been a topper. Coming to the point I got no clue how I ended up in a bobbi  brown counter. I think I went to get a shade which my lovely friend was wearing called Razzberry which was a lovely berry tone in creamy matte format. I dint even get a chance to look at the swatch due to out of stock however I ended up with two other shades.


A standard glossy finish tube shaped case.  Do i like it? Not really why? Sometimes it slips out of my hands and i have to use my teeth ( not so pleasant in public). However if you are a sucker for packaging you will like it.


As the name suggest its sheer finish hence you don’t have to expect it to be opaque. However a few swipes will give you a better coverage. I bought Peachy and Carolina thinking one good for day time and other for night as if I      don’t own for day and night. Peachy got a hint of shimmer and Carolina is simple pinky mauve with no shimmer at all. However both got a glossy finish and gives your lips a youthful finish as its plumping and nourishing formula.


When you spent your hard earned money on anything which is not even that necessary  in your life i would say you can pass on as each one of it cost £20. You can buy it from online or most of the department store or like me walk into a Bobbi brown counter own its own . Being a Londoner means you might get a chance to walk into their Boutique which is lovely as you will get an exclusive.

Final verdit 3.25/5

I love the colour however the peachy shade though looked lovely ended up fading in couple of hours which im not surprised as I have a habit of eating them, however it left my lips with just shimmer and lizard like lips looked worse and I had to quickly pull out my lip balm and and reapply again, however Carolina din leave a sheen and no shimmer means I could just slap my Lip balm and continue with my duck like walking. So if you have a normal lips you can carry on with this and i doubt how well it will stand humidity

CarolinaPeachyPeachy in sunlightIMG_8316IMG_8304Carolina in day light

With Love


Thanks for stopping by. I am a newbie in Blogging world, Excuse my style and image quality as I am still getting used to it. All the opinions are my own and purchased with my own Money. I love makeup and would love to continue the way I look at them as my own possessions. Your opinions are always welcomed:)

Believing in things

Do you believe in what people say or you try to relate yourself to a situation and then understand the other person rather than judging? When someone say he or she is a gay why you look at them differently? It’s not he did it to make society happy. He just is honest to his feelings. I pity that society who can’t understand someone’s emotions and feeling and simply being selfish in the name of being elegant in front of the society.

Why why why you so concerned about a society who ant understand your feelings? If i don’t like cooking how come you are concerned about it? If I don’t like to have baby respect me for the fact that I was at least honest and dint want to hurt a third person who wants to suffer in this world.  If you ask me why I dint tell that before because my opinion changed recently. That’s why I couldn’t let you know! As a couple or as partners we should be a team, I never felt that from you. The moment something  goes wrong in your life I am the one who made all those things wrong.


I just can’t understand.  If you regret all these things  then why don’t you leave me? I would like to  make you happy not by changing myself or the whole thing.

Black tea

I was never fascinated by the thoughts of black tea.  Infact I avoided it all the time. and today finding an empty milk carton made opt for  one hell of a black coffee. The slight sour taste took me back to my childhood memories. Black tea was a premium drink for everyone in my mum’s house. After lived in a town for me villages and country sides were always fascinating . I could hear birds singing, beautiful music of water flow from the near by stream and i watched sunrise every morning . Its a hell of a calm moment in the morning. I used to walk around the huge land my grandparents had and always had a cup of black tea with me.  Looking back I realized what a miss I’m having now.

Have you ever felt that when you have everything you want that you miss something and you often felt in search of something which you don’t know what it is? I often felt I’m in search of something . All nights i lie down on bed and think what do I want and all kinda weird thoughts about the society and their urge to make everyone in their favor or their disrespect to something  which they don’t understand.  I never understood them doing things to make society happy or worried about a society who don’t understand them in the name of ” what will people think” . How does it matter ? . Do you want to hurt your feelings? or some random people who you think that they will be sad or something like.  I never understood the logic? and I don’t want to. I am happy the way I am and you deal with that and if you cant i don’t think its my problem

Started with a black tea in my hand , its pretty cold now  sitting on my sofa staring through the window i feel like wandering  through my thoughts . and coming back to black tea i think I’m getting addicted to it 🙂